Hair Stylist Program

(1,200 Hours, 40 Credit Hours)

The Hair Stylist program is designed to train you in basic manipulative skills, safety, proper work habits and desirable attitudes necessary for entry-level positions in hair styling, cosmetology or related career avenues. Program consists of 40 credit hours of instruction in theory and practical skill development, as required for the hairstylist-licensing exam administered by the State of Colorado’s Office of Barber and Cosmetology.  ExquisiteCollege of Aesthetics’ instructor will introduce you to theory and practice material, followed by laboratory activities. You must complete the theory and practice segments and receive a grade of 70% or higher before participating in laboratory activities. You will be expected to learn the information and master the skills required to complete the program and pass the Colorado licensure exam, while acquiring the professional attitudes and habits necessary to obtain an entry-level job and then advance along the profession’s career path.

1.  Shampooing, Rinsing & Conditioning                                                2 Credits

2.  Hair Coloring                                                                                      8 CreditsRed Hair

3.  Hair Cutting                                                                                       8 Credits

4.  Hair Styling                                                                                       7 Credits

5.  Chemical Texture Services                                                               4 Credits

6.  Laws Rules and Regulations                                                            1 Credit

7.  Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship            1 Credit

8.  Disinfection, Sanitation, and Safe Work Practices                           9 Credits

Program Objectives:

  • To successfully master training requirements needed to make application for the Colorado State Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure Examination;
  • To develop professional skills and attitudes in the interest of safety and sanitation for oneself as well as others, as is relative to having a successful career as a Hair Stylist;
  • To graduate from educational institution and possessing those  skills and knowledge necessary to pass State Licensure Examination and secure entry-level employment

HAIR STYLIST Program Tuition and Fees:

Tuition                                        = $8,800

Registration Fee                        = $50

Text Books / Equipment Kit      = $1,000


Courses Description

Theory Hrs





Credit Hrs

1.  Shampooing, Rinsing &   Conditioning 12 48 60 2.0
2.   Hair Coloring 48 192 240 8.0
3.   Hair Cutting 48 192 240 8.0
4.   Hair   Styling 42 168 210 7.0
5.   Chemical Texture Services 24 96 120 4.0
6.   Laws   Rules and Regulations 6 24 30 1.0
7.   Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship 6 24 30 1.0
8.   Disinfection,   Sanitation, and Safe Work Practices 54 216 270 9.0
TOTAL 240 960 1200 40.0


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